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MAGTECH® Ammunition anounces a new website

Magtech Ammunition has launched an entirely new website. It delivers a fully responsive experience, ideal for users on desktop and mobile operating systems. The website includes extensive product information to support both consumers and dealers.

Visitors will benefit from richer online content that is simple to navigate and share with others. Besides, the new website provides lots of useful information such as ballistic data, product sheets and the latest news on Magtech products.



Since its creation in 1990, Magtech has become one of the most successful ammunition brands in the world, building its reputation on quality, consistency and reliability. From sport shooting to self-defense, as well as tactical and law enforcement applications, Magtech offers a wide range of products for every need.

Magtech is a member of CBC Global Ammunition®, a family of companies internationally active in the ammunition sector: CBC Brazil, Magtech Ammunition USA, MEN Germany and Sellier & Bellot Czech Republic.

This strategic alliance forms one of the largest ammunition corporations in the world with a combined experience of more than 300 years in the manufacturing of small and medium calibers. The CBC Global Ammunition family employs more than 3,500 skilled workers and produces over 1.5 billion rounds of ammunition each year, not including rimfire cartridges and shotshells.