One of the most successful ammunition brands in the World, Magtech has built its reputation on quality, consistency and reliability. From sport shooting to self-defense, as well as tactical to law enforcement applications, Magtech offers a wide range of products for every need.    

The company Sellier & Bellot belongs among the oldest companies in the shooting and defense industry. The great focus on innovation guarantees top-class products, which are used by armed forces, sport shooters and hunters all around the world.

The top German producer of premium small caliber ammunition, MEN is one of the main suppliers to the most stringent European defense and security markets. With cutting edge technology – Made in Germany, MEN products stand for quality and innovation.

World leader in ammunition for portable weapons and one of the main suppliers to NATO, CBC is the premier Defense brand in the small caliber segment. CBC products are used globally and contribute to the protection and security for millions of people, worldwide.

The headquarters of CBC Global Ammunition, CBC Brazil was created in 1926 and has evolved to become one of the largest ammunition companies in the world. CBC holds the status of Strategic Defense Company and is the primary supplier to the Brazilian military and law enforcement segments.